Video: Issues to Discuss with Your Divorce Attorney

If you have filed for a divorce, be prepared to discuss issues related to your children, including child support payments and education. You should also discuss spousal support and property issues with your attorney. If you need a divorce attorney, … Continue reading

Infographic: Types of Separation Agreements

Video: The Differences Between Annulment and Divorce

Annulment treats a marriage as though it never existed, while a divorce ends a valid marriage and allows the spouses to return to their single status and remarry. A request for an annulment may be granted if either party was … Continue reading

Domestic Violence

A woman who is a victim of domestic violence at the hands of her boyfriend or husband has probably tried to continue to live with the abuse for some time before deciding that separation and divorce are the only ways … Continue reading

Infographic: The Basic Steps of the Divorce Process in Court