Custody and Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a voluntary process where divorcing couples work together with a mediator to negotiate and resolve their differences in a non-adversarial forum. The goal is to help the couple reach a meeting of the minds on all issues and to avoid courtroom litigation.

The Salant Lawyers understand that divorce is an emotional event as well as a legal one. Divorce Mediation provides a safe setting for parties to communicate their needs and interests with each other while focusing on principled problem solving such as fairness, self-determination and the best interests of all family members.

For many separating couples, mediation has become a viable alternative to the financial costs and emotional toll of traditional divorces. If used properly, mediation can provide the opportunity to find fair and realistic solutions to the economic and practical issues facing most families. The Salant lawyers work diligently with clients to ensure their individual goals of mediation are reached throughout Westchester County, Putnam County, Rockland County, Dutchess County, and NYC.